1/2 Ton Trucks


All trucks get 4 total 4”x4”x3/8” fix it plates

Plates cannot touch and must be 1” apart, however you get a ½” bead of weld all the way around therefore the welds may touch. Plates cannot be cut apart into more plates


1.Half ton trucks with a maximum of 6 lug axles only permitted

2.4 wheel drives permitted but must remove one driveshaft

3.SUVs allowed

4. No leaf conversions

5. Any Tire and wheel combo permitted. 


1.  4 Point cage permitted with gussets in the corners, maximum 6” cage material may have a gas tank protector in the bed, tank protector max 24” wide, tank protector may weld to the floor of the bed but may not attach to the frame, tank protector may not go further back than the front of the wheel tubs in the bed



1.Front doors may be welded solid all other doors may be welded with a 5”on 5” off pattern this includes rear doors and tailgates. 

2. When welding tailgates or rear doors they may be welded to the bumper using the 5” on 5” off pattern

3.If you elect to drop the tailgate down behind the frame, no rear bumper will be permitted, tailgate may be welded to the end of the frame  

4. Cab and bed MUST be welded together with 5” on 5” off pattern 

5. Hoods may be bolted or wired in 8 spots, two spots may go around bumper, you may use 2”x2” angle 6” long to bolt hood shut with a max of 2 bolts per angle

6. Body/Bed may be bolted solid to frame with ⅝” bolts with maximum 3” washers top and bottom with the exception of the two mounts in the core support, these may be 1” all thread and be used as two of your hood bolts.

7.  Quarter panels must remain upright, no wedging

8. Core support may have ¼” expanded metal or 1/8” plate with design cut into it.  This plate  can only cover the radiator opening. 


Any OEM front and rear loaded bumpers permitted with all work done inside of bumper

HOMEMADE BUMPERS ARE PERMITTED 8”X8” MAX, POINT MUST TAPER OVER 32” AND POINT MAY NOT EXTEND BEYOND 4” OF FLAT FRONT OF BUMPER.  SMW BUMPERS PERMITTED.  Chrysler Pointy replicas are permitted, must have a maximum of 14” point from flat back of bumper  with 8” point from flat front of bumper.  For clarification please call.

2. You may have a factory bracket OR a piece of 4”x4” tubing welded no more than 4” back on frame to attach bumpers front or rear

3.You may weld the factory shackle brackets to the frame, NO ADDED MATERIAL

4.You may weld the factory frame cross members into the frame using the following method you may have a 1” weld for each rivet that holds the cross member in from the factory. Do not abuse this rule.


1.Tie rods may be reinforced, no heim joint style tie rods must have factory style ends

2.You may use 2 4”x4”x ¼” plates to weld A-Arms down one on front and back of each upper a-arm if your front suspension is leaf spring you may use a piece of 2”x2” tubing from the frame to the axle no more than 3” welded to frame

3.You may use 1” all thread for shocks

4.You may have 4 leaf spring clamps on each side, two in front of axle and two behind, maximum size material for clamps is 2” wide by ⅜” thick


1.Lower cradle,front plate and pulley protector only no other engine or transmission protectors allowed

No steel bells or steel tails, ultra bells are permitted

2. Slider shafts permitted

3.Rear axles may be braced

4.Engine mounts must have a rubber bushing no solid mounts

For questions please contact Jacob Gilliam at 614-315-7468

No calls after 9 pm, please allow 24 hours for response.