BURIED ALIVE 4 Farm Trucks


  1. Any factory produced van, truck or suv. 4wd are permitted but will have to remove one driveshaft.
  2. Outside of directly stated rules farm trucks must remain stock to OEM configuration.


  • Engine and transmission must be make and model specific
  • Engine and transmission must mount using factory style mounts in factory location. 
  • You may loop tranny lines. No transmission coolers
  • Factory rear ends only, no bracing. You may weld spider gears.  
  • Gas tanks: Stock tanks must be removed completely.  No stock tanks permitted.  Aftermarket pressure tested tanks must be mounted in one of the following ways. (1). Trucks must be tightly bolted to truck bed as close to the car as possible and centered.  

(2). SUV, VANS can either be suspended off of the rear seat bar ( no full gas tank protectors) or bolted fast to the floor in the rear seat area.  Double clamp all gas line. 

       8. You may simplify wiring. Does not have to key start


       9. Factory Gas pedals, brake pedals. No aftermarket bolt ins.

       10. Battery must me moved inside cab of vehicle and tightly secured to floor in a steel battery box.  

Wheels and tires

  1. Any wheel and tire combo is permitted with the exception of beadlocks and solids. Lip protectors and weld in centers are permitted.  


  1. Any OEM car bumper or OEM truck bumper with the exception of NO Chrysler pointy’s. No loading and no seam welding.  As an alternative you may run a simple 4”x4” square tube ( no gussets) or a SMW light flat, Robinson Bolt together, Rutz Fab or DEC.  None of these 10 guage bumpers are permitted to have any gussets and No points. No exceptions
  2. Bumpers can either be mounted in one of two ways (1). with the factory OEM make and Model specific brackets and bumper shocks and NO HARDNOSING. May weld bumper to bumper shock and weld the first 6” of the bumper bracket to the frame top and bottom. (2) No factory shocks or brackets and you can trim only to gain straight surface and hardnose bumper with a 6”x6” max plate between bumper and frame cap.


  1. At minimum a rear seat bar is required.
  2. At maximum you may have a 4 point cage with no downlegs
  3. Max material 6”
  4. Cage must remain 4” from firewall and 6” from floor.
  5. If choosing to suspend tank off of rear seat bar you may use a simple gas tank protector with no gussets to hold tank only. No pressure any where. 
  6. Side  bars cannot be within 8” of wheel tubs.  
  7. Must have two locations of nine wire in windshield area

Suspension and steering

  1. All suspension and steering parts must remain OEM make and model specific with no reinforcements or welding.
  2. You may utilize screw in spring risers 
  3. Suspension must be working with no solid suspension allowed.  No A arm straps.


  1. Hoods may be wired or chained in 6 locations
  2. All doors, Tailgates or hatches may either be (1) Wired in 8 locations, (2) chained in 8 locations (3) welded with 4 total 4”x4” ¼” plates.  Tailgate or hatch must be in factory position.  You can cut portion out for vision. Choose one option 
  3. Drivers door may be welded solid with 3” strapping. 
  4. Body mounts are to remain stock.  If one is missing or broken, call for instruction.  

For all rules questions contact TJ MCCULLOUGH 301-707-6870 9am-9Pm,  please allow 24 hours for response. 

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