6 Cylinder

Entry Fee $100
Max of 25 entries

1st Place $2000, 2nd $600 3rd $ 300
If class fills $500 Mad Dog will be added

General Rules

  1. Any 6 cylinder front wheel drive or rear wheel drive CARS. No PRE RAN CARS. 4 cyl may run, permitted MAXIMUM 112″Wheelbase
  2. Engine Swaps permitted NO V8. If swapping motors, you may weld to K member a mounting plate for MOUNTING PURPOSES ONLY. IF DEEMED EXCESSIVE IT WILL BE CUT Or NOT ALLOWED. BE MODEST. MOUNTING PURPOSE ONLY.
  3. NO ENGINE CRADLES, Solid motor mounts permitted
  4. Carb swaps PERMITTED
  6. No pinning or holding allowed. Cannot pin to win
  7. No additional 9 wire, chain, banding or welding outside of written rules below.
  8. Any factory Oem bumper permitted front and back. Bumper MAY BE LOADED. All bumper loading must be done inside of bumper and from front view of car must appear Stock.
  9. SMW Heavy or Light permitted. No homemade style bumpers
  10. No sharp edges
  11. Bumpers may be seam welded and DO NOT have to be open for inspection.
  12. Bumpers may be hardnosed. May use 2″ x 2″ x 1/4″ x 12″ long maximum square tubing or flat stock 3″x 1/4″ x 12″ on outside of frame rail closest to tire. You may use a factory OEM bracket or shock.
    However if doing so it may only be welded Top and bottom seem not exceeding 12″. MAY SEAM WELD FOR 6″ of front frame rails. These rules apply to both the front and rear bumpers
  13. if using bumper shocks they may be welded solid. No aftermarket of homemade shocks.


  1. Maximum thickness of cage 4″x 4″ x 3/8″ thick.

2. Standard Four point cage is permitted but is not mandatory. Drivers safety is our main concern so we encourage protecting yourself.

3. Side rails may NOT extend past front door seam beyond 6″.

4. A down bar is permitted on each side rail but must follow above measurements and can be located no further forward that 10″ behind bash bar. Down bars cannot be behind rear seat bar. Down bars may be welded to floor body only.

5. Halo bar reccomnded. Front and rear window bars permitted. Front bar must attach to dash bar. This is a safety bar only. Rear window bar may attach to halo and can extend to speaker deck area. Rear bar may be welded to a 4″x 4″ plate that can attach the speaker deck to trunk lid.

6. Gas tank protectors are permitted but can be no wider than 24″. MAY NOT BOLT OF WELD GAS TANK PROTECTOR TO ANYTHING EXCEPT REAR BAR. Gas tank protector may touch package tray.

Wheels and Tires

  1. Any tire permitted. Tires may be doubled.

2. Rear tires may be solid.

3. No foam filled tires or water filled.

4. Weld in centers permitted.


  1. No braced rears

2. RWD leaf sprung cars must run factory leafs. 4 clamps per leaf pack, max of 2″ wide with 3/8 bolts max thickness of clamp plates 1/4′. No aftermarket leaf packs.

3. Gears may be welded

Frames/ unibody

  1. No plating, pinning, stuffing tilting, . No exceptions. K Member is consisdered frame

2. The front 6″ of frame seam behind bumper may be welded. Do not exceed


4. Frames may be shortened to core support. Do not exceed or move factory position of core support


  1. Drivers door may be welded solid.

2. All other doors can be welded 5″ on 5″ off as well as the trunk

3. Trunk may be Tucked, NO WEDGING but can be canoed. A 12″ space must remain from lowest point of canoe to highest point of trunk floor.

4. All fenders may be creased both vertical and horizontal

5. The hood must have a minimum of 2 10″ x 12″ holes and trunk must have a 12″ x 12″ hole for inspection. You are permitted to re bolt metal in 10 total spots around each inspection hole 3/8″ bolts max.

  1. Speaker deck may be removed or beat down
  2. Hood may be fastened in 6 spots by chain or bolting. If bolting you may only do so utilizing 2″x2″ angle 1/2″ bolts max. All thread through core suport is permitted one per side but will count as two of your spots. All thread may run through bottom of subframe to top of hood. Max 4″ washers.
  3. Trunk lid may be completely removed.
  4. May be pre bent to aid in rolling.
  5. Body may be spaces a maximum of 2″. Nolonger than 3″ per spacer


  1. Aftermarket steering collumns are permitted.
  2. All steering components are to remain stock. TIE RODS MAY BE REINFORCED.


Front suspension may be solid. Rear suspension must be stock.

Any modifications not stated in rules above will not be permitted. This is designed to be a hard class but not a modified class. There is enough room to build a mean car and rules with be enforced thoroughly and consistent for all. good luck.

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