Bonestock V8

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2022 New rules

General rules

  1. Any year car permitted. No imperials, no hearses no specialty vehicles.
  2. Cars must remain purely stock unless otherwise stated in rules below. 
  3. No fix it plates, no additional nine wire banding chain etc.
  4. Fresh or pre run permitted.


  1. Any motor, No protectors. Transmissions must have stock bell, stock case and tail. 
  2. Motor mounts may be swapped for optimal fit but must be Oem.  Two-piece mounts may be welded together with no added metal.  A simple 6”x6” ¼” plate may be welded to the engine crossmember or K member for clearance.  This 6”x6” plate cannot overlap and touch a factory frame seam. Transmission mounts must be factory or factory OEM replacement with rubber bushing.  Factory crossmembers only
  3. NO SLIDER DRIVESHAFTS. If you need to make a custom length driveshaft, that is permitted but must be Butt welded or minimal 1” overlap with ½” bead of weld. 
  4. Any NON-BRACED 5 lug rear end is permitted. No axel savers. Bolt on pinion brakes are permitted. Must run factory style trailing arms with no reinforcements.  You may lengthen or shorted trailing arms to gain desired pinion angle only by adding factory trailing arm pieces or shortening with 1” overlap and ½” bead of weld.  
  5. Wiring harnesses are permitted.
  6. No transmission coolers or oil coolers.  Lines may be looped
  7. Aluminum aftermarket radiators are permitted. They can either be nine wired in core support only in 2 spots or ratchet strapped in.  Factory condenser in front of radiator is permitted.

98 and Newer fords: You will receive a watts link kit but must use factory trailing arms.  The uppers of watts link kit must be 8”x8” max.  3/8” bolts.  The lower pieces cannot exceed 6” long may be welded to inside portion of frame rail.  Bolt cannot pin the frame.  


  1. Absolutely no frame modifications, including hammering or creasing of frame.  Absolutely no shortening of frame. However, you may simply shave off the front frame to make it flush. Example old iron gm.  
  2. No tilting or cold bending.
  3. No Seam welding.
  4. Rear frame cannot be shortened.
  5. Rear frame may be notched or dimpled to aid in rolling. 


  1. Any OEM bumper permitted, no Added metal, May be seam welded.  Seam welding to our rules DOES allow you to fill light holes with 1/8” cover. Only added metal that is permitted is a 6”x6” ¼” plated between bumper and front frame to allow for flush mounting.  
  2. Rear bumpers are limited to a 2” point as in a factory 80s ford bumper.
  3. SMW Bumpers SS and lower are permitted.
  4. Bumper mounting options for front bumpers are as follows. Option 1: Hardnose with a 6”x6” x ¼” plate flush to front frame. Option two: No Hardnosing, utilize The factory shock and bracket for that specific make and model car.  You may collapse and weld shock, you may weld shock to bracket and may weld the factory bracket to the frame with  (6) 3” welds. No rear brackets on front of cars
  5. Bumper mounting options for Rear Bumpers are as follows. NO HARDNOSING.  Rear brackets must be used in factory orientation meaning. Old iron gm may only have the make model specific bracket bolted to side of frame with bumper attached to shock plate. Fords must run the factory show that Is inside the frame. Shocks can be collapsed and welded. Shocks may be welded to the bracket and bumper may be welded to shock plate.  All factory rear bumper brackets may have (6) 3” welds.

You do not have to weld the brackets shocks etc. This is not for us to give you more work to do but rather to simply keep bumpers off of the track

  • Brackets may be loosened, tipped upward then re bolted for aiding the car to roll.  
  • Front bumper may have 2 spots of nine wire core support to bumper braided wire 2 loops 2 locations.  Rear bumper can have 2 locations bumper to taillight cover area within 6” of rear frame end. 2 loops braided wire to keep bumpers on car
  • Max bumper height from bottom of the bumper to ground is 22” and must not be lower than 14”. This is for front and back bumpers.  


  1. Quarter creasing is permitted. No squeezing quarters over frame rails.
  2. Quarters must remain upright
  3. All Doors may be fasted through on of the following:  (6) locations 3”x3” ¼” plates, (8) locations of nine wire, (8) locations of 3/8” max chain
  4. Drivers door seams may be welded solid. 
  5. Trunk fastening: (6)locations 3”x3” ¼” plates, (8) locations nine wire or 3/8” max chain
  6. No washers permitted to run chain or wire through.
  7. Hood may be fastened with 8 locations of 3/8” max chain or 8 locations of braided nine wire. Hood to core support is permitted.  
  8. Hood must have 2 12” holes cut in case of fire.  You are permitted 6 3/8” bolts to bolt hood together around hole cutes. This is 6 per hole 12 total.  
  9. Trunks: 2 10” inspection holes. On right center one left center.  6 3/8” bolts per hole to bolt layers together.  
  10. A maximum of 6” trunk canoe or dip.  Will be measured with a jig straight edge top of upright quarters to lowest part of trunk lid 6” max. Trunk lid is permitted to be tucked in trunk but cannot be attached to floor 
  11. Speaker deck may be pushed down but cannot be welded or re fastened anywhere. 
  12. All body mounts must be utilized in factory location and must be factory hardware. No adding body mounts.  For mounts that are broken you can replace it only with 4 loops of nine wire.  
  13.  The only body bolt ins permitted are Brake and gas pedals.  These can only be attached to floor body and cannot have greater than ½” bolts. 
  14. You may have a simple, push pull shifter. Nothing aftermarket

Wheels and tires

  1. Front tires- ANY TIRE including skid steer and V treds ARE PERMITTED
  2. Rear tires- Any tire may be used including SOLID REAR TIRES
  3. Weld in centers permitted. NO BEADLOCKS 
  4. LIP PROTECTORS AND Valve stem protectors permitted.

Steering and suspension

  1. Factory tie rods only no reinforcements. Factory center links.
  2. Spindles must be manufacture and make specific and mounted in factory locations. 
  3. Spring risers front and back are permitted.  2 per coil.
  4. Factory shocks and leaf springs only.  Direct bolt over the counter replacements are permitted.  Factory leaf sprung cars must mount leafs in factory location and orientation and must have full working shackle.  
  5. No welding or bolting of a arms. Must be working suspensions.  Mopar may adjust torsion bars,
  6. No cross breeding a arms and spindles.  Must be make and model specific.
  7. Ball joints must be factory style oem No welding on ball joints.
  8. No aftermarket steering columns.  Colum must start as factory column but you may add one total knuckle and replace rag joint. 


  1. A simple 4 point cage is permitted but not required.  We would prefer a four point for drivers safety.  At minimum a rear seat bar is required and 2 locations of nine wire from cowel to roof or two 3” ¼” straps cowel to roof.
  2. 4 point cage bars cannot be within 5 inches of trans tunnel, firewall or floor. 
  3. Side bars cannot extend beyond the rear kick panel.
  4. Rear seat bar must be no farther back than rear kick panel
  5. You may suspend battery off of cage.  You may suspend gas tank off of cage but any gas tank protector must be 5” away from all sheet metal with two gussets max from rear seat bar to tank protector. This is for safety only. If fastening to floor no wooden boxes, must be safe secure batter box.  Gas tanks may be bolts to floor. But must be in rear seat location. No stock or plastic tanks.
  6. An up and over halo is permitted not required. Must come off of side bars straight up and across.
  7. Max cage material size 4×4 or 2×6.  

For rules questions contact DJ Fabri at 724-309-5055 

or TJ McCullough at 301-707-6870 9 am – 9 pm

Please allow 24 hours for response.