All trucks get (6) total 4”x4”x 3/8” fix it plates. Fix it plates may be folded to fit frame but must remain in tact.  No cutting plates into smaller plates.  Plates must be on one of the four outside portions of the frame.  Parallelogram plates are permitted but must meet the following specific requirements.  All sides must be 4” long and the furthermost two corners must be 7” exact.  Plates cannot touch and must be 1” apart, however you get a ½” bead of weld all the way around therefore the welds may touch. 


1. Any Factory 1 ton, ¾ ton, ½ ton trucks or Suvs are permitted.

2. 4 wheel drives permitted but must remove one driveshaft

4. Absolutely No leaf conversions this includes adding front leaf springs to a truck that did not come factory equipped with them. 

5. Any Tire and wheel combo permitted. 


  1. 4 Point cage permitted with gussets in the corners, maximum 6” cage material. 
  2. To Deadman’s interpretation, a 4 point cage is two side bars a dash bar and rear seat bar contacting at four points not including downlegs.  Down legs are separate from a four point cage.
  3. If addition to the four point cage you May have 4 down legs from cage to either frame or body. Down legs must run straight up and down and must stay within the cab (suv/suburban type trucks down legs have to stay within the 4 point cage). No down legs can attach to any protector of any kind.  Max size of down legs 3”x3”. Down legs cannot extend through the top of the frame. 
  4. You may have a gas tank protector. Can extend 26 inches from front of bed and can have 2 down legs to the frame, these down legs have to stay within the allowed 26 inches. NO PART OF CAGE CAN BE PAST THE FIREWALL.
  5. The gas tank protector may be as wide as the cab cannot extend further than 26” from the front of the truck bed.  
  6. Dash bar can be tight to firewall behind DP
  7. SUV gas tank protector must stop at the center of the rear axel. 



1.All doors and tailgate can be welded solid. 3 in wide by ¼ thick material

2. If running a rear bumper you can weld tailgate to bumper using 5”on 5”off method with 3” wide strapping

3.If you elect to drop the tailgate down behind the frame, no rear bumper will be permitted, but you may cap off the end of the frame rails with c channel or no bigger than 3×3 tubing.

4. Cab and bed can be welded solid together

5. Hoods may be bolted in 8 spots, you may use 2”x2” angle 6” long to bolt hood shut with a max of 2 bolts per angle.  Can have (10) 3/8th bolts around hole in hood to bolt layers together. Cannot weld the 2 skins together anywhere.

6. Body/Bed factory bolts may be removed and replaced with max 1in all thread, max 4in washer. Can bolt front of bed to back of cab with (5) 5/8 bolts. No adding additional body mounts.  

7.  You may crease fenders. No wedging or tucking or folding over of quarter panels or bed sides. Must call for clarification including pre run trucks.  

8. Core support spacers are permitted, max 2”x 2” can only be welded to top of frame mount and bottom of core support. 

Can have (1) piece of 3”x 3”x 1/4” angle on the top of the core support that goes from fender to fender. Bottom core support can also have a piece of 3x3x1/4 angle that can only attach to bottom of core support and frame. Can be no wider than frame rails. 

Rad guard permitted, 3/16 max material no wider than inside of frame rails and no taller than top of core support. Can bolt OR weld using 8 1” welds or 8 ½” bolts. Cannot be welded to frame. May use 1in all thread for core support can travel through the hood and is counted as 2 of 8 hold down spots. 

9. Seam welding permitted firewall forward 1/2” bead max. Also all trucks may seam weld the bed from the front of the bed to the front of the wheel tubs to help maintain the integrity of the truck surrounding where the gas tank is.  

10. Can have (5) 3/8th bolts and likewise hardware per fender to bolt inner and outer skin together.


******If a truck needs re clipped please call first. You will be permitted to butt weld the new section on with a ½” bead of weld. In addition a 1” wide strap may be welded at the area of clipping to avoid that section being weak.  

Factory C channel trucks may box in frame with Identical truck material or factory thickness material in factory manner.  ¼” single pass max. This is crossmember forward only.  

Call first


In the rear of the truck the bottom of the tailgate or the bottom of the rear bumper, however you choose to set it up must be at least 14 inches from the flat ground.  

Front bumpers can be no higher than 26” from the bottom of the bumper. 

Any OEM front and rear loaded bumpers permitted with all work done inside of bumper

HOMEMADE BUMPERS ARE PERMITTED 8”X 8” MAX, POINT MUST TAPER OVER 32” AND POINT MAY NOT EXTEND BEYOND 4” OF FLAT FRONT OF BUMPER.  SMW BUMPERS PERMITTED.  Chrysler Pointy replicas are permitted, must have a maximum of 14” point from flat back of bumper with 8” point from flat front of bumper.  For clarification please call.

2. Cannot shorten frame in anyway. Can trim slightly if needed to mount bumper. Don’t push this! Can have a 10 inch bumper shock front and back max 2”x 2” tubing or a 10” x 4” flat plate.  if ran inside frame we need to see how far back it goes, or a factory bracket with 10 inches of weld on top of bracket and on the bottom.

If running a factory bracket your ten total inches of weld must be continuous and is measured stating at end of rear frame forward.  

3. You may weld the factory shackle brackets to the frame, NO ADDED MATERIAL

4.You may weld the factory frame cross members into the frame using the following method you may have a 1” weld for each rivet that holds the cross member in from the factory. Do not abuse this rule.


1. Tie rods may be aftermarket heims are allowed

2. You may use 2 4”x4”x ¼” plates to weld A-Arms down one on front and back of each upper a-arm if your front suspension is leaf spring you may use a piece of 2”x 2” tubing from the frame to the axle no more than 3” welded to frame

3. You may use 1” all thread OR 2”x 2” tubing for shocks. Not both

4. You may have 4 leaf spring clamps on each side, two in front of axle and two behind, maximum size material for clamps is 2” wide by ⅜” thick

5. No moving of factory spring hangers. 

6. no aftermarket leaf packs of leaf hangers!


  1. Full cradles are permitted but can weld to K frame only. Steel bells, tails and full trans braces allowed. Can weld to crossmember. 
  2. IF choosing not to run a full engine protector you may have 2”x 2” kickers from dash bar to no further past center of a arm. Kickers must be welded to top side of frame with no material added under the kicker.  
  3. If running kickers you forfeit the full cradle and may have a max of lower cradle, front plate and pulley protector.  Lower cradle cannot come in tact with transmission brace or any cage material or firewall.  You are still permitted the transmission brace.  
  4. Can have factory crossmember or 2”x 2”x ¼” tubing that runs straight across can have a 6in long piece of 3”x 3”x ¼” angle to weld crossmember in. 
  5. Sliders shafts permitted.
  6. Rear ends may be braced cannot strengthen vehicle in anyway.

For questions please contact Travis Nichols at 567-674-1212

No calls after 9 pm, please allow 24 hours for response. Leave a message.  

Text please if the call is missed. Thank you.  

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