Deadman Freestyle

Deadman Freestyle

$2000 to winWinner take all

Deadman freestyle is a new addition to Deadman Derby Productions.  The primary objective for this class is to put on a show for the fans.  At no point will you be running against another car.  You are simply trying to score the highest total

The top 5 high scores will move on to Sunday to the Freestyle finals. 

Because you are not hitting each other you may choose what you run.

Cars must pass Deadman Superstock Rules or less

Trucks must pass ½ ton truck rules or less

Vans follow van rules or less

Compacts follow Deadman Compact Rules or less

How Does It Work?

Friday 12 drivers run one at a time.  You will choose your driver music which will be played while yourcompeting.  You have 90 Seconds to put of a show.  In the Arena will be Dead cars trucks vans etc for you to hit.  You can do doughnuts, hit cars whatever you like.

Sunday the top five get 2 minutes to put on a show to win 2000$

Order of final round is based on score from first round lowest to highest. 

How do you score points?

judges will score individually on different categories 1-10

1 judge will score 1-10 based on Creativity and usage of your vehicle

1 judge will score 1-10 based on precision hitting of Tires and corners

1 judge will score 1-10 based on excitement and fan reaction

1 judge will score 1-10 based on the amount obstacles used

Track shot live will score the entire run 1-10

There will be a 7 point deduction for no filling the whole time

In the case of a tie each driver will get one last 30 second run

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