AGES: 4-9

  1. Any regular electric power wheel is allowed. No 4- wheeler or tractor type vehicles allowed.
    Childs legs must be in the compartment. All power wheels MUST have doors on it
  2. Stock battery may be replaced with a 12 volt lawn mower batter ONLY. may be located under hood or trunk but must be secured and covered at all times. You may cut out some of the engine bay to make battery fit. All batteries must be accessable to tech crew. All batteries will be checked to ensure they do not excess 12 volt.
  3. MUST wear a helmet. Bicycle helmets ARE allowed.
  4. Must have some form of seatbelt
  5. Must be completely stock with no modifications.
  6. NO METAL FRAMES or added sheet metal.
  7. No lowering or raising front or rear
  8. No passengers allowed.
  9. 15′ time limit
  10. track officials will aid all competetors to get unstuck not parents.
  11. No studs or screws in tires
  12. Each participant may wear a costume during the powerwheel derby. If they choose to do so. the costume cannot extend out of the powerwheel. for example a long tail, wig or dress would not be allowed, judges decision final, SAFETY FIRST> if you have question about a costume please get approval first.
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