Resurrection Agenda


Superstock Heat 1

Deadman Pro Minis Heat 1

Superstock Heat 2

Deadman Pro Minis Heat 2

Superstock Heat 3

Deadman Pro Minis Heat 3

Superstock Heat 4

Deadman Pro Minis Heat 4



Superstock Conci

Deadman Pro Minis Conci

Youth Full Size

1/2 Ton Trucks

Streetstock V8

Deadman Compacts RUMBLE

6 Foot Under Class


Bonestock Compacts


Vans/ SUV/ Mini Truck

Deadman Pro Mini Feature

Superstock Feature

Order of heats may change due to registration numbers however, if your class is on a day it will remain on that day. A Final agenda will be released closer to event with exact order. Our goal is a progressive show that increases with excitement each heat.

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