DEADstock Compacts

         Deadman Street Stock Compacts

The rules below are not guidelines, this is a street stock event meaning that all unspecified areas of car building below are required to remain OEM as intended from manufacture in regards to material, placement and structural integrity of both frame/unibody and body panels. 

Car Building

1.This class is for FRONT WHEEL DRIVE CARS ONLY maximum of 113” wheelbase

2.Cars must remain stock unless specified in these rules

3.Aside from dash and front seats, interior must be stripped entirely. Make sure to remove air bags and the charges. Do not just set them off remove them.

4.We recommend key start

5.All doors may be wired or chained 8 spots per door max

6.Deck lids may be wired or chained in 8 spots max

7.Hood may be wired in 8 spots max

8.No creasing or wedging on rear of car 

9.Bumpers may be changed but must be factory front wheel drive bumpers. Meaning NO V8 BUMPERS AND NO CHROME SKIN BUMPERS

10.Bumpers may be welded all the way around at the attachment point you may not add shocks to a car that doesn’t come factory with bumper shocks. All cars that came with a bumper shock must keep the factory shock in the factory manner.

Front- 2 strands of double braided nine wire may go around bumper one time and around core support. ONE LOOP. No criss crossing of strands. Cannot go through the hood.

Rear- 2 strands of double braided nine wire may go around rear bumper and then through the trunk lid. Where it goes through the trunk lid can be no father forward than half the of trunk lid. No criss crossing strands

11.You may have 2 spots of 9 wire in the windshield area

12.Battery may be moved to inside of car but does not have to be. It is STRONGLY recommended that if battery is under the hood, it is spray foamed in place. If moved to the cockpit of car, no wood battery boxes, must be secured tight and a steel battery box is recommended. 

13.If gas tank is in front of rear axle, it is recommended that it be left in the factory position under the car

14.If gas tank is moved from under the car it must be replaced with a METAL tank in the rear seat/rear floor board area. Tank must be mounted securely to floor. You may not use ratchet straps to secure tank. You may NOT mount a factory tank inside the car. Any fuel system we feel is unsafe will not be allowed to run.

15.Tires may be doubled and tubed any tire allowed no bead locks or rim protectors of any kind. Nothing may be welded to wheel

16. You may run a seat bar. No larger than 4″x4″, from B pillar to B pillar. If needed to accommodate drivers seat, you may use one 8″x12″1/4″ plate welded to each B pillar to weld bar to, so that seat may be slide back.



Any Questions please call Ryan Ruhe at (937)-408-7269

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